Immortals After Dark series, Kresley Cole

I have this silly tendency to read ALL OF THE AVAILABLE BOOKS in a series at once. Immortals After Dark series (with The Dacians) has 18 of them. Which is to say, I have spent 2 weeks on crazy Lore beings Kresley Cole came up with.

I now dream in “book”. I dream in lines that sound like something that might be in one of those books. I have overdosed. And as it seems that this universe just keeps expanding, I don`t think it will end. I HATE that. Because they are good enough for me to keep reading, yet not that great that I will obsess, so I might miss the next one. (something that can not happen with BDB)

Alas (I am infected by one of the characters, sorry), that is a conundrum I must leave for another day. Now, I will try to give you some opinions and some facts on The Immortals.

First, and one of the most noticeable, things about the standard cast of characters for me was that they felt forced in the beginning, and it took some books for the reoccurring figures to grow. I don`t know if it might just be the cumulative effect of them popping up, or is it indeed better character development in the later books. I have read them all in order, so I can`t tell if they might feel the same way to someone reading just the later books on their own.

Second, some of the stories, or premises, are very similar. Or, to say it in a different manner, Cole uses the same type of conflict and stage over and over again. In some stories taking it to such extreme that you have to believe in magic for it to work for you.

But that is the world of the Lore, filled with different beings and power that Cole has a decent grip on. In the books basically every creature or being that was thought to be mythical . . . isn’t. Like I wrote, I have rushed trough the books, so I can`t delve into more pointed dislikes. But, all in all, Kresley Cole deals with the mountain of Lore info converted into snippets (for the sake of a romance novel) very well.

Each book can technically be a stand alone little romance with some sex, but I believe that the underlying story can be appreciated only if you read them in order. It is interesting, but the going is very slow, so be prepared for more individual romance than overall plot if you are going to invest.

The characters are decently humorous, there are species distinctions that are usually shown trough action (sometimes narrated, which is just lazy), and Cole has left herself enough room to come up with new ones (which is a safe bet when you don`t have a set of rules already).

I believe that the readers of fantastical romance are going to like it, some angst lovers might too, gore lovers might not. Even though we all have our own levels of comfort, I think that hardcore darkness and gore is not the description I would use to describe the more bloody scenes. Bite lovers are going to LOVE IT though. There is some decent fodder for the smut lovers as well, but I might say that I was looking forward to the plot more than the sex.

Seeing how I managed to keep this short review completely spoiler free and even blurb free (wow!!), you can read more about the actual plot and the universe herehere, or here.